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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Veggie Chopper?

The Veggie Chopper is a game-changing kitchen gadget designed to streamline your meal prep. It's the ultimate solution for cutting vegetables and fruits quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.

How does the Veggie Chopper work?

Equipped with sharp stainless steel blades, the Veggie Chopper features a multi-function blade that can dice, slice, grind, or chop various foods with ease. Apply gentle pressure and release for perfect results every time.

What comes in the package?

The Veggie Chopper package includes the chopper itself along with 2 dicing knives, 3 grater blades, 2 slicer blades, a hand guard, an egg separator, and an anti-cut glove.

What are the benefits of using the Veggie Chopper?

This multi-functional chopper simplifies food prep by significantly reducing chopping and slicing time. Its versatile blade options enable you to achieve various cuts effortlessly.

Convenient Cleaning

The removable parts of the Veggie Chopper are easy to disassemble and clean. Its user-friendly design ensures quick and convenient maintenance.


The chopper features a rubber non-slip base that provides maximum stability during use, preventing any unnecessary movements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Paul O'Conner

Today I cut vegetables on Olivier. Everything is great. I previously cut everything in circles, about 1 cm thick, then laid out the circles on a small lattice. The blades are very sharp. Neat! The quality seems to be not bad. I made an effort when I cut pickles. Soft vegetables cuts perfectly. Boiled fresh meat and cut it just with a knife. Next time I'll try on this vegetable cutter. Bottom line: you can buy. The price is affordable, the quality is good.

Trent Beer

The goods arrived very quickly. The box was a little dented, but all the details were intact. Works perfectly, now you can cut vegetables into cubes or slices much faster. Some parts are a little hard to insert and pull out, but I think it's no big deal. Potatoes went through all the cutting options with a bang. But it's hard to cut the cucumber and tomato into small cubes, they don't always cut through and get stuck. Perhaps small cubes are better to use for hard vegetables and fruits. For tomatoes and cucumbers it is more convenient to use a nozzle with 1*1 cubes. Ginger is well ground in "porridge" on a grater. I think there will be no problems with garlic either. I like it very much, I will continue to use it.)

Josiah Keebler

It arrived in record time, well protected but in the same way the box was damaged a little, however the product inside is in perfect condition and according to what is indicated in the AliExpress catalog. I recommend the seller. Thank you

Vallie Yundt

It is the product is of very good quality, but the box has arrived broken and the plastic bucket is split in half. Communication with seller has been impossible, so I have applied for refund while waiting for seller to contact me. Another point against is that you cannot speak with the seller in Spanish, only in English.

Sophie Gislason

Okay, but could pack better, at least one bubble wrap